About The Bee's Nest

The Bee's Nest is a start-up business acceleration and investment programme run by IncuHive Limited. 



Phase 1

The first phase is to develop your business idea! We are open to everything! no idea is too wacky and it can be for profit or not for profit!

 If you're applying via a programme run at one of education institution partners you will be guided through the process of completing a plan and pitch ready to take to The Bee's Nest. If you are applying outside of this as a member of the general public you can look over content and examples of what is required via our online learning resource. 



Phase 2

 Complete your business plan, complete your video pitch and then submit your application to us!

Depending on how you have got to this point will dictate when you will pitch your business idea at The Bee's Nest events. If you have been building your plan and pitch via one of our educational institution partners your event will likely be run at your School, College or University. If you are a member of the general public and simply submitted your idea to us for consideration your business idea will be considered and if we love it we will invite you to one of the public Bee's Nest pitching events.



Phase 3

Congrats, you have pitched your idea and you have won The Bee's Nest competition! Depending on the method in which you got to this point there will be two options:

1. You take up a sponsored scholarship place at IncuHive (normally provided via an education institution partner) and we work with you on building your business for a year! This would require no investment from the IncuHive team and you will retain 100% ownership of your company, at the same time self-funding its development.


2. You agree a deal on our investment into your company, take up a place at IncuHive and receive everything you need to launch your business and accelerate it to success! We cover everything for the first year from website and marketing to accounting and legal, plus all the support from our team of mentors. This would require a direct investment on our part and a share return in your company.


Important Notice

 It is important to understand that we are offering real business investment and we will own shares in your company. We would encourage all start-ups to seek independent legal advice around this if this option it considered. We are 100% transparent in everything we do, check out some of our already successful companies and feel free to contact them independently to ask them how we have helped them!



Where You Will Live - The IncuHive Space

Investment includes moving into one of our Business Incubation Spaces!

Our Partners & Sponsors

The Bee's Nest Acceleration programme is made possible with thanks to our range of partners.